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Ways to Calm Yourself When Triggered By Dodi Wilson

When you feel triggered, it's essential to have strategies to help calm your mind and body. Here are some effective ways to soothe yourself when you're feeling triggered:

**1. Muscle Relaxation Techniques:** Engage in muscle relaxation exercises by tensing and releasing different muscle groups. This can help lower overall tension and stress levels, tricking your brain into thinking it has won the fight from being triggered and allowing you to calm down.

**2. Spa-Like Warm Bath or Shower:** At home, Give yourself a spa-like warm bath or shower. This can be a soothing experience that helps relax your body and mind.

**3. Deep Breathing and Relaxation Techniques:** Take deep breaths, quick walk, or splash your face with cold water. These techniques can help you return to the present moment and calm down.

**4. Self-Compassion and Patience:** Approach your triggers with curiosity and self-compassion rather than judgment. Be kind and patient, and remember that it's okay to step away for a moment to calm yourself down.

**5. Use Your 5 Senses:** Engage your senses to ground yourself in the present moment. This can involve focusing on what you see, hear, touch, taste, and smell to help bring yourself back to the present and calm your mind and body.

**6. Practice Self-Compassion and Forgiveness:** Realize that you are reacting out of pain and forgive yourself. Take a break and give yourself at least 20 minutes to calm down and regulate yourself, enhancing self-care and calming your mind.

**7. Schedule some self-care. Go to and set up an appointment for an Alchemy Signature Massage.

Remember, it's essential to be patient with yourself and find the best techniques for you. By practicing these calming strategies, you can better manage your triggers and regain a sense of calm and control in challenging situations.

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